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Our prices include shipping for the individual card orders, wholesale, and ``send for you`` option. Each card requires a special stamp in order to be mailed throughout the United States.

Payment options

Through the Pay-Pal option you may choose to pay with a credit card or pay-pal account. Additionally, feel free to reach out if you'd prefer to use VENMO. We accept creative forms of payment and are working on BitCoin!

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Contact us if you have more questions or specialty orders. We love to custom design for you.

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Who are we ?

Based out of El Paso, Texas [on the international Border with Mexico], teeny tiny cards are part of the YourFavoriteKid productions platform. The idea & design for these cards came from illustrator Funtrepreneur, Monica Riehl.

“I noticed that in business – and in card markets- we didn’t have a basic ‘I’m so glad we met’ or ‘How nice to have met you’ type of greeting card. Personally, I love tiny things and colorful drawings. Really, I began making these cards myself in order to follow-up with business professionals that I’d met.”

  • Order our cards in bulk – blank.
  • Order cards with specific message professionally printed inside.
  • Order one single card and stamp for us to mail out for you.
  • Order a single card to be sent (brand new) to yourself or as a gift.

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